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Huckleberries Online reports:  Before he got elected to the U.S. Senate, Jim Risch served a few months as Idaho governor. Lieutenant governor at the time, Risch rose to the job in mid-2006 when Dirk Kempthorne got the nod to serve as President George W. Bush’s interior secretary. Risch could have left well enough alone. Instead, he called a one-day special session of the Idaho Legislature. Then he imposed his will. But you already know that. Before it was over, Risch had passed a supremely consequential tax change. Rather than pay $260 million in property taxes to help schools, the governor grafted public education maintenance and operation support entirely onto the general fund. To pay for it, he backed a penny increase in the sales tax, then worth about $210 million/Marty Trillhaase, Lewiston Tribune. More here.

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