Statement from the Center on Gov. Brad Little’s State of the State Address

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“I applaud and thank Governor Little for thinking of Idaho’s working families in his State of the State Address today. The extra revenue we have this year means there’s room to do more and get everyday working Idahoans the breaks they deserve.  

“The best way to support Idaho’s working families, without a doubt, is a tax credit based on Idahoans’ hard-earned income. The credit would help offset the income and sales tax that working families pay, letting them use that offset to keep up with rising costs. The credit would also support our economy as families would use it for goods and services at local businesses. As the legislature works this session to return the state’s record surplus we encourage them to ensure these funds reach back to all Idahoans who paid them by also including a new tax credit based on earned income that will reflect our values of hard work and fairness.” 

“We remain committed and optimistic about the incredible opportunities to help working Idaho families get back their hard earned dollars this year and keep Idaho an affordable place to live work and raise a family.”

Alejandra Cerna Rios 


Idaho Center for Fiscal Policy 

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