Idahoans Are Still Experiencing Recession Hardship

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Direct assistance to Idahoans most impacted by the pandemic and the recession will ensure that our economy can fully recover and families can thrive. Five months after Idaho fully re-opened the economy, timely Census survey data show that pandemic-related unemployment and income loss are still widespread in Idaho communities, causing hardship particularly among middle and lower income families. Job and income loss also hamper the economy’s full recovery in the absence of continued federal aid to small businesses and individuals.
State leaders can take important steps to address hardship and a flagging recovery. For example, provide direct assistance to the hardest hit households and make investments in long-term economic growth such as public schools, transportation, and other core public services that benefit all Idaho communities.
The majority of the data used in this report comes from Phase 2 of the United States Census Bureau’s Household Pulse Survey, which the Bureau developed to study how the coronavirus pandemic is affecting American households. In Phase 2, which began in August, the Bureau surveys Americans – including a significant number of Idahoans – on a bi-weekly basis. Each survey question is based on adults reporting for members of their household.
Read the full report here: Idahoans Are Still Experiencing Recession Hardship.

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