Center’s policy specialist discusses the gap between rent prices and wages in an interview with KTVB

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The Idaho Center for Fiscal Policy’s and the Idaho Asset Building Network’s policy specialist, Angelica Moran, discussed housing affordability and wages with KTVB’s Abby Davis.

“A new report from the National Low Income Housing Coalition highlights the gap between rent and wages. State data shows Idaho’s average 2022 wage is $24.69 per hour. 

The ‘Out of Reach’ 2023 report shows that is not nearly enough. It states people in Ada County need to earn $25.19 per hour to afford a fair market rent for a 2-bedroom apartment. 

That apartment likely averages out to $1,310, according to the report. Angelica Moran, Idaho Asset Building Network policy specialist, said that amount is not always attainable for people, leading them to pay more than 30% of their monthly income on rent. 

‘When families are forced to pay more than that, they are left with little for savings for emergency expenses like a car repair,’ she said. ‘They’re left with little furniture, nutritious food, medical visits, childcare and the list goes on.'”

Read or watch the full interview here: National report highlights the gap between rent prices and wages |

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