Center Policy Analyst Moderated a Panel on School Voucher Policy at the College of Idaho, Idaho Press Reports

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“The idea of school vouchers, educational savings accounts and other “school choice” programs was among the divisive subjects that dominated much of the 2023 legislative session — and it’s not going anywhere. Rep. Julie Yamamoto, R-Caldwell… joined a panel to discuss the topic Wednesday afternoon at the Idaho Policy Forum at the College of Idaho. Idaho School Boards Association President Nancy Gregory and Homeschool Idaho Board Member Adura Talley also spoke Wednesday to the idea of vouchers, or using public funds toward private education. Idaho Center for Fiscal Policy Analyst May Roberts moderated.”

“Idaho senators this past session introduced a large universal ESA bill that was largely based on Arizona’s program. It was estimated that it would cost $20 million cost for the first year, which they argued is a very small fraction of Idaho’s entire $3.3 billion education budget. A report from the Idaho Center for Fiscal Policy estimated that, if the bill had passed, its costs could spike in the subsequent years with more participation, using information from similar programs in other states.”

Read the article here: Idaho school voucher debate will be back next legislative session | Local News |

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